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Carmen & the Renegade Vigilantes (CRV band) is a country and rock tribute/cover band based in Southern California. CRV plays country and rock music with a focus on three-part harmonies, a lively show, and getting crowds dancing! Three vocalists take turns singing lead and harmonizing beautifully. CRV is a seasoned, professional, working band with over 800 performances under their belt. Their song list includes a variety of country and rock songs, allowing them to play a full night of country, a full night of rock, or a combination of genres!  CRV keeps the crowd entertained with an emphasis on danceable songs, an energetic sound, and a lively stage performance.

CRV also writes and performs original songs. One song entitled "Another Drinkin' Song" was featured on 100.7 KHAY FM (Ventura, CA) and 105 FM Go Country (Los Angeles, CA). CRV took second place in KHAY's Berry Battle of the Country Bands and was nominated for Best Country Band by the Ventura County Music Awards. In 2022, CRV was awarded a "Top Best Bands Award" at Winchester's 25th Anniversary Celebration. CRV performs in Southern California at festivals, corporate events and local venues, restaurants, breweries, wineries, bars, saloons, and dancehalls.

Our electronic press kit includes a complete bio, live performance videos, recorded music, a print quality photo, and more...

CRV Promotional Photo


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